Architect Designed Modular Homes

Prefabricated homes, known more commonly as β€œprefabs,” are homes that are created off-site and then put together on-site. They have always been popular as they typically offer a cheaper, faster and more sustainable way of constructing homes.
High-end architects like Archiblox are breaking the norm for what a prefab should be, by designing innovative and environmentally-friendly homes that balance beauty with modern technology. 10 Incredible Prefab Modular Homes From Archiblox Architects

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Featured Prefab Homes⭐
10. Paperbark House

9. The Carbon Positive House

8. Bowral House

7. Richmond Extension

6. Bonnie Doon House

5. Blackburn House

4. Portsea House

3. The Esplanade

2. Byron Bay House

1. Cremorne House

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10 Incredible Prefab Modular Homes From Archiblox Architects
From Archiblox Architects
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